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Range Dates
Old Sarum
Saturday 1st  December
S2 - Musket Mad Rush SG2 Slug Shotgun - plus usual Christmas fayre


All the bookings are for the full day. Morning and afternoon.  Starting at 8 A.M.  Bisley observes an hour quiet time in the middle of the day. Some people call this " Lunch ".
We have two firing points.  Each will have a bench and chair for those not shooting prone.
Each firing point will have a marker. No butts!! :
Three people can shoot, in turn, from each point. This should provide us all with ample opportunity to fire off more rounds than we're used to!
So, get loading.
Chairman                           Simon 07739 182209
Secretary                           Ian    0117 932 9444
Membership Secretary      Derek 01722 239755

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