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Salisbury Vintage Rifle and Pistol Club Official Website

Membership Tel: 01722 239755 or email
Membership Enquiries

We currently do not have any memberships available.

All new membership enquiries should be referred to the membership secretary Derek K who can be contacted on 07957353738 or by email at

Our annual fees are currently £180 which can be paid in two instalments. The annual subscription is due on 1st January.

If you are interested in joining our club please contact us to arrange to come along to one of our Old Sarum ranges.

To be considered for membership you will need to complete the membership application form below.

Members' Declaration

Before completing the membership application form please read the members declaration by clicking here.

Club Rules and Range Orders

Please read the Range Orders that can be viewed by clicking here


Joining Fee £10

Provisional Membership £90

Annual Membership £180
Membership Application Form
Please provide details of your Shot Gun Certificate and or Fire Arms Certificate
I hereby apply for PROVISIONAL MEMBERSHIP (six months ) of the Salisbury Vintage and Pistol Club.
I confirm that there is no legal bar to my holding Firearms. (full declaration on membership )
I have not had an application for firearms or neither shotgun certificate refused nor any certificate revoked for any reason. ( if yes give reason below )
If my application is accepted I confirm I will attend on at least four occasions, within my 6 month Probationary Period.
On being elected to full membership I will forward the balance (pro rata ) of the year’s subscription together with a joining fee of £10.
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