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SVRPC Shooting Academy
The SVRPC Shooting Academy has been set up to allow the children of our members to gain access to shooting in preparation for becoming full members of the club.

To join the SA you must be the son or daughter of an existing member and aged between 14 and 18 years old.

FAC and SC
On becoming a member of the SA you must apply for your FAC, and if you want to shoot smooth bore rifles that are classed as shotguns (usually these will be muzzle loading) you must apply for a SC. Please note that you can only apply for a SC if you 15 years of age or older.

On the Range
You will only be able to shoot on your parent's lane and will have to be fully supervised by your parent when on the firing point.

You will be able to compete in the club competitions under your parent's supervision

Becoming a full member of SVRPC
When a vacancy for full membership is available, should you wish to become a full member, you will take priority over anyone else.
If you have not become a full member by the age of 18 your Shooting Academy membership will cease.

Range fees will be on a pay as you go basis and will be £5 per range.

Joining procedures
In order to join the SA please go to and under reasons for joining enter the fact that you want to join the shooting academy and also your date of birth. Also go to and complete the declaration.

Range Attendance Form
When you attend a range you will need to complete your range attendance form which you can download by clicking here

Home Office Rules/Club Rules - for under 18 year olds
Under home office rules you are not allowed to buy a section 1 firearm or ammunition but you can be gifted a firearm which will need to be registered on your FAC. You can also be gifted ammunition. You will only be able to use section 1 firearms on our ranges under full parental supervision.
In order to possess a Shotgun and ammunition you need to be over 15 years of age and under full parental supervision at all times. If you are under 15, you can shoot a shotgun on the range but you cannot "possess it".
It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to own or possess an air rifle. If you wish to shoot an air rifle you can, but it will have to be your parent's, the club's or another club member's. You can only shoot an air rifle under the full supervision of your parent.

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