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Membership Tel: 01722 239755 or email
Guns For Sale
We currently have no guns for sale
Club Guns
We currently have two guns that members can use and these will normally be available at the Old Sarum Range.

Should any member wish to use these guns on other ranges then they should notify the club armourer Derek K who will issue a copy of the club FAC and a letter of authority.

The gun(s) should be collected from him the day before and returned no later than the day after the range they were used on. It is incumbent upon the club member to ensure that they have adequate security in place at home and whilst the guns are in transit. Any damage to the guns whilst in use will be the responsibility of the club member to put right.

The guns are:
.22 calibre BRNO bolt action
.50 calibre Hawken M/L Percussion rifle
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